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“If they made tugboats bigger, they’d be the boats other boats tug.”

Groggington Bumprithers III
25 March 1975
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I like clipper ships because they are fast.
318ti, 80s music, allan havey, animation, anti-bush, anybody but bush, apple, architecture, atheism, bacon, big dig, big lebowski, blokken, bmw, boobies, boston, bsd, calculators, canada, cartography, cartoon network, cat town, cheese, chess, chicago, classical music, clocks, coffee crisp, cold beverages (uh huh), color, comedy, computers, consciousness, cooking, csh, cta, currency, daily show, daria, dave the weatherman, dexter's laboratory, diet coke with lime, disco, dj choo-choo bobs, dvds, eddie izzard, edward tufte, electronics, eschwa, europe, evolution, existentialism, fight club, film, flash, frank zappa, frogs, game shows, grammar, graph paper, graphic design, guinness, helvetica, high speed rail, homestar runner, homsar, howard dean, hp calculators, hungarian, ikea, improv, information technology, iowa city, ipod, ipods, jazz, kids in the hall, lasers, lego, liberals, limozeen, logic, lounge music, mac os x, maps, markerboards, massachusetts, match game, mbta, microbus, minis, modern art, mta, nasa, next computers, north end, npr, orange soap, os x, ousting bush, pac-man, parody, perl, photography, pop shoppe, pro-choice, public transportation, quincy jones, recycling, ren and stimpy, rendering, rotary phones, schadenfreude, sex, sharpies, sleep, small cars, solaris, somerville, south park, space, steve jobs, strong bad, subways, sun, sun microsystems, the simpsons, tic-tacs, toronto, toys, trains, transformers, travel, ttc, tv puppet pals, tv themes, university of chicago, unix, vi, weebl and bob, women, zero population growth