Groggington Bumprithers III (groggenspiel) wrote,
Groggington Bumprithers III

My official rant against retweets

I know a lot of you like Twitter, and I know a lot of you know I don't.

I follow a few people on Twitter, and I check in on them every once in a while, but for the most part it's really hard for me to see the appeal. You follow more than a dozen people and you're apt to get lost in the noise. It's pretty much the problem I've found with Facebook -- too much stuff to parse through. Which is why I'm rather negligent of what my 155 friends are up to.

Well, today I log into Twitter to double-check a post I made, and now I am subjected to retweets. I hate retweets.

I consider them like little bite-sized versions of email forwards that I don't ask for. Now the corporate machine at Twitter thinks I should be subjected to all of the retweets, kind of like those companies that sign you up for their mailing list and subsequently put the onus on you to opt out.

You should NEVER, EVER, EVER have to FUCKING OPT OUT of a goddamn mailing list. You fuckers. Don't sign me up for communications I don't want to read. I have a hard enough time communicating with the people I know via email, and I work hard to keep my personal inbox free of spam without the use of filters. And don't tell me I have absolute control over this. You're required to provide an email with many merchants these days, and they'll sign you up even if you tell them not to. Sometimes they'll add you back a year later after you opt-out. So I guess I'll have to start giving out a write-only email address. Jesus Fucking Christ. We truly live in a society of assholes who have no respect for privacy anymore.

What is so wrong with this principle? Is it really a service to Twitter users to make them read more stuff when they don't really want to? And then require a per-user opt-out? I am not the type to read my friends' friends' Facebook or LiveJournal posts, and I'm not necessarily subjected to the content against my will.

Honestly, I don't mind following my friends. But I don't want someone else's stuff, otherwise I'd follow them. And maybe I don't meet new people that way, but I'm really not on Twitter to expand my social network. I'm a shitty social networker, I admit, but I'm pretty dubious of people I've never met (even when friends vouch for them).

I don't think there's anything wrong with wanting control over signal to noise ratios, but I'm probably just a sourpuss in the eyes of everyone who thinks smartphones and Web 2.0 are still novel.
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